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Deep Dive Videos

Large Language Models (LLMs) Can Explain Their Predictions, Youtube (Jan 2024)

Evaluation for Large Language Models and Generative AI - A Deep Dive, Youtube (Nov 2023)

NanoGPT using Simpsons Data: Get Started with Large Language Models, Youtube (Sep 2023)

16 Challenges for LLMs - Paper Highlights, Youtube (Aug 2023)

Llama 2 Paper Explained, Youtube (July 2023)

GPT or BERT? Reviewing the tradeoffs of using Large Language Models versus smaller models, Youtube (Jun 2023)

Building Better Large Language Models - Key Concepts for Prompting and Fine Tuning, Youtube (Apr 2023)

Efficient Large Language Model training with LoRA and Hugging Face PEFT, Youtube (Mar 2023)

Text style transfer in a spreadsheet using Hugging Face Inference Endpoints, Youtube (Nov 2022)

SetFit: Few Shot Learning for Text Classification, Youtube (Oct 2022)

Prediction Intervals with Conformal Inference: An Intuitive Explanation, Youtube (Sep 2022)

LayoutLMv3 Training with CORD (receipts dataset), Youtube (Sep 2022)

Fine Tuning an Image Classifier on Indian Food Images, Youtube (Aug 2022)

Explanation Approaches for Transformers, Youtube (Aug 2022)

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