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Recent Publicly Available Talks or Interviews

Generative AI: A Survey of Current Practices, Challenges, and Best Practices, R Govsys (March 2024)

Journey from Military Curiosity to AI Leadership, Analytics Vidhya (Feb 2024)

Evaluation Techniques for Large Language Models – Interview with Rajiv Shah, Hugging Face, Hyperight (Feb 2024)

Exploring Language Model Evaluation with Rajiv Shah, LLM Daily (Jan 2024)

Choosing the Right LLM for Your Organization’s Needs, DataRobot Webinar (December 2023)

Constructing an Evaluation Approach for Generative AI Models, Arize AI Holiday Special (December 2023)

The Future of Generative AI: Vision and Challenges, Generative AI World Summit (September 2023)

How to Leverage Open-Source LLMs in Your Project, Turing Post (August 2023)

AI Done Right: Practical Applications for IP Professionals, American Bar Association (July 2023)

Identifying Useful Large Language Models, Machine Learning for Everyone (July 2023)

Practical Perspective on LLMs, Arize AI (Jun 2023)

Lets Talk AI, Baptist Health (May 2023)

Generative AI tools change the nature of work, AI4Diversity (May 2023)

The Peaks and Pits of Open-Source with Hugging Face, Analytics India (May 2023)

Capabilities of LLMs, Practical AI Podcast (Apr 2023)

Challenges and Opportunities for Keeping AI Open, World Summit AI (Apr 2023)

ChatGPT and the coming Generative AI Revolution, DataHour by Analytics Vidhya (Jan 2023)

Introduction to programmatic labeling, Snorkel AI (Aug 2022)

The Mechanics of Data-First AI, EmTech Digital (May 2022)

Rules: A Simple & Effective Machine Learning Approach, St. Louis Data Science Meetup (Nov 2021)

Overcoming Issues with Small Data Sets when Building Machine Learning Models, DataRobot (Dec 2020)

Model Explainability with SHAP in DataRobot, DataRobot (Dec 2020)

When data leakage turns into a flood of trouble, Practical AI Podcast (Oct 2020)

Model Interpretability, AI Skunkworks Northeastern (Oct 2020)

COVID-19: Data Science & Expertise, GOTO Conference (Jun 2020)

Reproducing Deep Learning Models, Data Skeptic (Oct 2019)

Using Interpretability Tools To Improve Your Model, Nashville Data Science (Sep 2019)

Older Talks

May 22, 2018, Presentation, Connected Claims -

May 16, 2018, "Sharpen Cyber Defenses with AI and Machine Learning", SIGNAL Innovation Showcase, AFCEA,

May 8, 2018, Automated AI, St. Louis, -

April 18, 2018, Automated AI: The Next Frontier in Analytics, Twin Cities Spark and Hadoop User Group -

Feb. 15, 2018, Deep Learning (with Keras), Chicago R User Group,

Jan. 9, 2018, Automated AI: The Next Frontier in Analytics, San Antonio Data Science Meetup -

Dec. 7, 2017, Automated AI: The Next Frontier in Analytics, Houston Data Science -

Nov. 29, 2017, Automated AI: The Next Frontier in Analytics, San Antonio Data Science Meetup -

Nov. 10, 2017, Automated AI: The Next Frontier in Analytics, Stampede, St. Louis -

Nov. 6, 2017, Deep Learning use Keras, Open Data Science Conference -

July 6, 2017, Keras interface for R, Toronto Deep Learning Meetup -

June 22, 2017, Keras & R, Chicago Tensorflow Meetup,

Feb 3, 2017, Image Classification using Keras and Tensorflow, Champaign Data Science Group,

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